Mismatched Enjoyment

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Matchy-matchy. I’ve never been a huge fan. Coordinate? Yes. Match? Blech.


I got a duvet cover for $20 at TJ Maxx in June, and I adore it.


photo property of DKNY

It didn’t come with shams, so I’m taking this opportunity to think of ways to make the bedroom seem Feng Shui without them. Here’s some inspiration:


keeping orange in the pillow mix – but a different orange


mixing patterns and keeping the tones in the same family


statement pillow to catch the eye


monochromatic theme


florals in the same color family




lots of pattern!


mismatched florals of all sizes

Go ye therefore and mix your linens.

Eclectic Decorating: Mirrors

January 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Since I was in high school I understood the appeal of having a mirror on every wall: not only can you check to make sure you don’t have any boogers in your nose, you can capitalize on every song that suddenly comes over the radio. “A Whole Neeeewwwww Wooooooooorld!”

Once I got a home of my own, mirrors quickly took up much of the wall space. Any time Josh and I go to an antique store, we scour the place for mirrors before we look at anything else. It’s a vice.

The first item that Josh & I bought as a married couple that cost more than $50: a floor mirror!

To the right is an old mirror Josh & I found at an antique store in town. This mirror is old enough that it is lined with silver.

This mirror was my great grandmother's. I've had it since she died in 1997. Love it so much!

Another old mirror we got from an antique store in Greenville, SC. It's right across from the bathroom so it serves as a nice double-check before I walk out the door.

A large old mirror in the bathroom. It's next to the toilet so boys can check their teeth while doing their business.

OK, this mirror came with the apartment, but I like it because it's big.

Josh brought this mirror into our marriage. It's not old, but it's big. It's right next to our front door so I can triple-check to make sure I have no boogers.

The mirror offsets the large Chris Koelle print that Josh also brought into this marriage. Perfect.

The little mirror below Chris Koelle's painting was another antique store find. It is very old and lined with silver.

The mirror is about as practical as the mirror in Mary Poppins' room when she first moved in. "This will never do." But, it does well as a jewelry tray or accent piece (as pictured here). You can see the age of the mirror in its imperfections.

A mirror in the kitchen is a brilliant idea; a large mirror in the kitchen is covetable. This is another antique mirror lined with silver.

The mirrors in the hallways are super cool. The top two we got from an antique store in town and the bottom one was from Goodwill.










































I hope our next apartment has lots of walls. What’s your decorating weakness?


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Have you gotten hooked on Pinterest yet?

If not, go create an account and get ready to have creative fun and lose track of time. I have spent a lot of time browsing the internet just looking for things I love and “pinning it” to my Pinterest page.

All the things I love are organized into categories. While I’m browsing other sites, I can fall in love with something, pin it, and continue browsing. I love the convenience and the cleverness.

After I’m done browsing for things I love, I can go back to Pinterst and look at my pins. Pinterst has already documented where I got my pin from, so no worries about copyright issues!

Another feature I love is the fact that I can follow other people’s boards and see what they pin. If I love what they pin, I can repin it to one of my own boards. Brilliant!

Thank you, Pinterest for being so clever.

p.s. Dear Readers, please forgive me if I don’t post again for a while – I’m probably distracted by Pinterest.

Layering: Jewelry

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Unaccustomed as I am to the art of overdoing it, I thought I’d give a whirl at layering my necklaces. The results were fun enough for me to share:

Here are my short "chainy" necklaces layered. Disaster.

My long "chainy" necklaces. Embarrassing.

And finally my "bauble" necklaces. Less offensive, but still overbearing.

Needless to say, I will not be attempting any of these layered looks with my outfit tomorrow. I shall take heart, though – there are countless tips and tutorials on layering jewelry. You can even get videos on layering from people you probably went to high school with. I leave you with a video I should probably heed:

Summer Clothes: To Work, To Play

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Summer is upon us! Let’s create some new outfits for summer working and playing. Here are my picks:



Even summer mornings can be chilly. Don't forget your jacket!


The LBD never fails.


Make a statement. With your neck.


This straw tote will get you to work, to the market, and home again!


These espadrilles are just too comfortable not to own!



A pretty floral top is always a good idea.


We're for shorts! But, not too short, please.


This hat is my favorite thing in this post. I think I need it.


Protect those pretty peepers!


This crossbody bag is great for holding the essentials withouth being cumbersome. (Hello, Farmer's Market!)


Did you know Keds makes an organic shoes? Awesome.

Clearly, I’m pumped for summer! My inspiration board is filled with shorts, swimsuits, and sandals. My freezer is stocked with Magnum bars. My straw fedora is handy every morning.

Like what you see here but can’t afford it? No worries! Check out your local thrift stores and online auctions for items similar to these! Now, go create some clever outfits. Happy Summer!

Clothing Swap!

May 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Something must be done! I want more clothes, but I don’t have the money to buy them. My friends feel the same way. Let’s trade!

Kate ooohs and aaahs over the awesome clothes

I want this, I want that....

I have been wanting to do a clothing swap for quite a while, now. I read about doing a clothing swap in one of Nina Garcia’s books, and I fell completely in love with the idea: get rid of your unwanted clothes and obtain new clothes for free!

My friend Molly took the plunge and actually created an event on Facebook for a clothing swap. The event became popular enough that it needed to move to a bigger apartment – my place! Woohoo! Party at my house! (Sorry, Josh. Girls only.)

Swapping swapping swapping

Jewelry Station

...and the nail-painting station... just in case... with my mood board as inspiration

We each brought our bags of unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories. Everyone brought what they wanted to get rid of, and everyone took home whatever they wanted to take home (i.e., no bartering system). We had quite a nice setup with a full-length mirror and dressing rooms handy.

Kate found the perfect pair of jeans!

Ultimately, the dressing rooms were ignored, and we changed in the middle of the living room. But, Jamie was the only boy there, and he didn’t mind:

Molly really tried to get Jamie excited for his photo op, but Jamie would have none of it. (Paparazzi hands!)

Eating was an important part of this party,

Chick food

but we pretty much focused on dressing ourselves beautifully:

Jessie: As She Was Meant to Look (and Josh making a special guest appearance at the end)

All in all, we each made out like a bandit:

Sarah: showing off her treasures!

And even the Mission Mart will get a piece of the action!

Donations for the Mission! Because everyone needs to be stylin'.

Did I have fun? You bet. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I encourage you to have your own clothing swap! It’s cool. It’s green. It’s clever.

A Clean Pot Is a Happy Pot

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Good Idea: Buying a copper pot. It conducts heat very well and therefore cooks food very evenly.

Bad Idea: Buying a copper pot. It oxidizes very quickly when exposed to oxygen or water/steam.

Copper is a beautifully ductile metal and is therefore used as an alloy in pots often. However, oxidation is the other side of that copper coin. (Get it? Never mind.) Oxidation causes the pot to discolor and look unclean. One is able to purchase many different types of polishes to keep one’s pot bright ‘n’ shiny, but I wanted to try a few different inexpensive methods of my own:

Lemon juice & salt, Bar Keepers Friend, ketchup

Oxidized Pot!

I remember cleaning pennies with vinegar & salt as a little girl. I used lemon juice today instead of vinegar knowing that I just needed an acid to clear up the copper oxidation. The same principle was behind using the ketchup. I’ve been using Bar Keepers Friend for years on all my pots (of any material), and I wanted to compare the results with the acid-based cleaners.

Rinsed after 3 minutes

As you can see, the lemon juice & salt win this round. The ketchup performed poorly – I had high hopes for him. I spread the Bar Keepers Friend with a wet washcloth, so it got a little abrasion, but not much; I think it did pretty well, too.

I tried to clean the rest of the pot with the lemon juice & salt, but the smell of the salt made me gag (always has – don’t know why), so I switched to Bar Keepers Friend.

Rinsed after 15 minutes

There are still a few spots (like freckles) on the pot, but it’s pretty clean without too much elbow grease on my part:

Happy Pot

Although the oxidation of a copper pot has little to no effect on the thermal conductivity, a copper pot looks so much nicer if you polish it after every use. I truly believe a copper pot is worth the pains of polishing it; I like my food to cook evenly. My grandmother has a copper-bottom pot, and she tells me she does her best cooking with it. I myself have a copper pot – which I may give away once I start having children and cannot spend every waking hour at the sink polishing my pot. But, that’s a different story. For now, thanks for having thermal conductivity, Copper.

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