Eclectic Decorating: Mirrors

January 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Since I was in high school I understood the appeal of having a mirror on every wall: not only can you check to make sure you don’t have any boogers in your nose, you can capitalize on every song that suddenly comes over the radio. “A Whole Neeeewwwww Wooooooooorld!”

Once I got a home of my own, mirrors quickly took up much of the wall space. Any time Josh and I go to an antique store, we scour the place for mirrors before we look at anything else. It’s a vice.

The first item that Josh & I bought as a married couple that cost more than $50: a floor mirror!

To the right is an old mirror Josh & I found at an antique store in town. This mirror is old enough that it is lined with silver.

This mirror was my great grandmother's. I've had it since she died in 1997. Love it so much!

Another old mirror we got from an antique store in Greenville, SC. It's right across from the bathroom so it serves as a nice double-check before I walk out the door.

A large old mirror in the bathroom. It's next to the toilet so boys can check their teeth while doing their business.

OK, this mirror came with the apartment, but I like it because it's big.

Josh brought this mirror into our marriage. It's not old, but it's big. It's right next to our front door so I can triple-check to make sure I have no boogers.

The mirror offsets the large Chris Koelle print that Josh also brought into this marriage. Perfect.

The little mirror below Chris Koelle's painting was another antique store find. It is very old and lined with silver.

The mirror is about as practical as the mirror in Mary Poppins' room when she first moved in. "This will never do." But, it does well as a jewelry tray or accent piece (as pictured here). You can see the age of the mirror in its imperfections.

A mirror in the kitchen is a brilliant idea; a large mirror in the kitchen is covetable. This is another antique mirror lined with silver.

The mirrors in the hallways are super cool. The top two we got from an antique store in town and the bottom one was from Goodwill.










































I hope our next apartment has lots of walls. What’s your decorating weakness?

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