A Sweet Christmas Story

December 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

In the Spirit of Christmas, let’s chat about gift-giving. I know it’s better to give than to receive – I have two ears and a heart – but it’s rough watching your sister give your parents an iPod for Christmas while you give them two mugs. (That was a hypothetical situation.)

Happy Christmas

I have a friend – let’s call her Susie – who is a single mom of four (ages 4 through 21). Here’s a sweet Christmas story Susie’s congenial ex-husband recounted to her today:

I haven’t really been in the Christmas spirit until I noticed something this morning.  Over the weekend Nick [age 10] collected change from my junk basket, my car, and my backpack and put it all in a Ziplock bag.  He had me take him to the store to cash it in and asked if he could have 10 dollars from it.  Then he asked me to take him to Mega Replay [a used video store], and he thoughtfully picked out movies for people.  Last night he got a half-roll of wrapping paper from your house, a few tags for labels, and brought it all to my house.  He wrapped one last night (even ignoring football!), addressed it to Zakk, and brought it with him this morning to put under your tree.  He hasn’t announced grand plans or congratulated himself.  He’s just been doing it.

So in the midst of buying overpriced Uggs for Bri (don’t tell!), shaking my head at Zakk wanting bar crap for Christmas, worrying about whether Nick will enjoy a Kindle Fire (don’t tell!) – I stressed out the holiday a bit too much.  When I noticed that Nick’s been quietly dedicated to making Christmas happen it made me feel warm and proud.  It was a good reminder.  Kids can be great teachers.

 How cool is that?

I have been so concerned this year with keeping up with everyone else. I feel like everyone is giving iPods and Nooks and fast cars for Christmas. I gave my car new tires, which made me feel pretty good.

The biggest thing I learn from little saint Nick is that I need to ignore what everyone else is doing for Christmas and demonstrate my love to everyone in my own way – even if it means spending no money. And I needed a 10-year-old to tell me this. Clearly, I need to watch more Christmas movies.


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