Rescue Me

September 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s always nice to feel like you have rescued something. A chair from the garbage could become your next swing, burned vegetables have been known to make pretty good soup, and an ugly dress from a thrift store is often transformed into something unique and adorable.

Harper 10 weeks

We felt pretty good about ourselves when we rescued a puppy. Josh and I had been wanting to get a dog together since we were first married. However, we knew a dog would require attention, time, and money – things we couldn’t afford to give a dog when we were newlyweds.

When we decided we were ready to bring a dog into our lives, we made a trip to the Humane Society in town. Twice we went, twice we fell in love with a dog, and twice we were rejected. Never mind why rejection came – we’ll just say the reasons were silly enough we decided that now is not the time to get a dog.

On the way to my cousin’s wedding in Dayton at the end of August we stopped at the Guitar Center in Indianapolis. After Guitar Center, we went to Five Guys for lunch. (My first trip there; that’s a good burger.) next to Five Guys is a PetsMart. We love going into pet stores and cooing over other people’s dogs, so we decided to do so before we continued our journey to Dayton.

PetsMart was hosting an adoption day featuring three rescue shelters. The first one we saw had teeny breeds of puppies. Too small for us – moving on…

The next shelter had somewhat larger pups. The beagle/hound mix caught our attention with her perkiness and big ears. The fluffy brother-sister duo were cute Shepherd/Lab mixes. The fourth pup in the pen was a silky Shepherd mutt desperately trying to nap while the others were playing with potential adopters. I didn’t mind interrupting her nap to pick her up and pet her. So languid. So silky. So sweet.

9 weeks

Josh suggested we take her home. “We really should; these puppies cost less to adopt than adult dogs at our Human Society. Don’t you like that one?” I now had two sets of puppy eyes staring at me.

He insisted further that we get one. I suggested we walk away, pray about it, and come back in a bit to see if she was still there. We needed to get cash anyway.

The PNC was remarkably easy to find.

I prayed for wisdom – whether we should get a dog (or two! Josh added), patience, and commitment.

We came back to PetsMart and held the silky Shepherd pup again while we asked the shelter worker about her. How old? 9 weeks. What breed? Shepherd mix with maybe some Husky, considering her coloring. Does she get along with other animals? She’s been in foster care with two big dogs, and they get along well.

"i get along well with everything. even your laundry."

We’ll take her. The shelter workers were happy enough to let us have her. We exchanged information and money for the puppy, some food, and a voucher for spaying her at 6 months. We gathered a collar, leash, Kong, and two Nylabones from the store. We reached for the training pads, but the PetsMart trainer advised against it. “You won’t need those. Just take her out regularly and reward her for going outside.” Best advice ever. “Oh, and make sure you always get her high-quality dog food. The cheap stuff is all filler.” Check.

11 weeks

After three days of having her we settled on the name Harper. Funny how dogs settle into a name.

"play with me! always!"

We are so happy we got Harper that day, but the truth is that she rescued us. She recused us from being too lazy – she gets up really early. She rescued us from getting fat – she needs to be walked (a lot). She rescued us from selfishness – she requires attention. She also rescued us from depression – look it up; dogs brighten your outlook.

she wants a treat. so. badly.

What’s your best guess? What kind of dog do you think Harper is?

trying desperately to teach Harper what "come" means. still working on that one.


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