The Last Time I Will Say These Words

July 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

My show closed last night. I was in one of the 10-minute plays at Heartland Theatre’s 10-Minute play festival. The process was super fun, and the community received the final product well. The play was written by a retired Psychology professor from University of Indiana Southeast. It highlighted a moment between a housewife and a potential maid in St. Louis in 1956, and it magnified the differences and similarities between the two characters. The piece was powerful and difficult; I learned a lot!

a grainy, but solitary picture of me and my costar Claron Sharreiff. she's a talent.

Closing a show is always a bittersweet event. There is that moment of, “I never have to say those words again. I’m so sick of that monologue.” Then, there’s also that moment of, “I never get to say those words again. Those seconds are gone.”

I learned three things from doing this show:

1. I learned a lot about America’s mindset in the mid-fifties regarding racial ideas and reactions.

2. I learned why┬ánegative choices don’t work onstage. I have video of my negative choices. Yikes. By the end of the month-long run, I was proud to see how much the show grew once positive choices were made.

3. I learned that if you put insulation between the plywood floor and the cosmetic floor, the sound of heels clicking onstage is muffled.

I know I learned more than that, but those three are the ones that stick out.

in costume with paper flowers from my director. red lipstick!

By the way, the theme for next year’s 10-Minute Play Festival at Heartland Theatre is “Playing Games.” If you are an aspiring writer, I encourage you to submit a piece of your own. Who knows? Your clever 10-minute piece might get produced!

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