How I Remember Names

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I've met you, and I remember your face, I can usually remember your name. Unless it's Spanish – which is probably a subconcious issue I need to deal with.

Thinking RFID

I really have to make an effort to remember someone's name. I most often use this trick when I'm talking with a vendor or customer service representative over the phone: I correlate their name with someone I already know.

Your name is Phoebe, just like the girl on Friends. Georgia, just like my boss. Ryan, not Bryan. Darrin, like on Bewitched. Esther, like my great-grandma. Rupert, the actor. Lennon, the singer. Ike, the president. Ima, for real? Ramses, seriously? Iona, I can only imagine what your last name is. Banjo, I'm so sorry for you. Helga, bwahaha! (I'll never forget it!)

Some parents think their so clever when they name their kids; the rest of the world has to deal with their cleverness.

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