Clothing Swap!

May 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Something must be done! I want more clothes, but I don’t have the money to buy them. My friends feel the same way. Let’s trade!

Kate ooohs and aaahs over the awesome clothes

I want this, I want that....

I have been wanting to do a clothing swap for quite a while, now. I read about doing a clothing swap in one of Nina Garcia’s books, and I fell completely in love with the idea: get rid of your unwanted clothes and obtain new clothes for free!

My friend Molly took the plunge and actually created an event on Facebook for a clothing swap. The event became popular enough that it needed to move to a bigger apartment – my place! Woohoo! Party at my house! (Sorry, Josh. Girls only.)

Swapping swapping swapping

Jewelry Station

...and the nail-painting station... just in case... with my mood board as inspiration

We each brought our bags of unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories. Everyone brought what they wanted to get rid of, and everyone took home whatever they wanted to take home (i.e., no bartering system). We had quite a nice setup with a full-length mirror and dressing rooms handy.

Kate found the perfect pair of jeans!

Ultimately, the dressing rooms were ignored, and we changed in the middle of the living room. But, Jamie was the only boy there, and he didn’t mind:

Molly really tried to get Jamie excited for his photo op, but Jamie would have none of it. (Paparazzi hands!)

Eating was an important part of this party,

Chick food

but we pretty much focused on dressing ourselves beautifully:

Jessie: As She Was Meant to Look (and Josh making a special guest appearance at the end)

All in all, we each made out like a bandit:

Sarah: showing off her treasures!

And even the Mission Mart will get a piece of the action!

Donations for the Mission! Because everyone needs to be stylin'.

Did I have fun? You bet. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I encourage you to have your own clothing swap! It’s cool. It’s green. It’s clever.


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§ 2 Responses to Clothing Swap!

  • Dr. Laura says:

    Sooooo, me thinks this is a marvelous idea. But. I have done this before on an occasion and at that particular event, I was surrounded by women size 4 and under. As I am indeed not a size 4, I neglected to both gain any clothing or get rid of any clothing. So, the moral of the story is, do this with people who may be close to your size or where there is enough variety that everyone can be included. And then it should be marvelous.

  • Clever Days says:

    true true. i was so glad we had a lot of accessories at our party! otherwise, i would have left with nothing. it was really nice to purge my closet of unneeded items and get some accessories to spice up what i already own!

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