To Administrative Professionals on Administrative Professionals’ Day

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

 Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! As an Administrative Professional myself, I appreciate everything you do for our businesses around the nation.

Thanks for keeping papers organized nicely so I can find something if you’re out for the day. Or, more realistically, thanks for keeping papers organized nicely so you can find something if I’m out for the day. Thanks for filling out forms and writing letters that I don’t have time (or that I don’t want) to do myself. Thanks for screening my phone calls so I don’t have to talk to that one vendor who keeps asking if I want to buy his products. (If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: I will call you when I need more products!)

You Administrative Professionals deserve something special on this day. But, I didn’t get you anything because you always order that kind of stuff. So… go ahead and order yourself some flowers. Please remember to stay within the given budget in our policy. (You should know where it’s filed.)

Once you’re done ordering your flowers, please take this pile of papers to the next building. It’s raining; you’ll want a jacket. Then, please put this month’s statistics into the spreadsheet. I need this done before 5:00 pm today. Don’t forget to write thank-you notes to these four donors, and please reply to this patron’s complaint about homeless people using our bathroom. Oh, and I’d like you to order this furniture for the office before the fiscal year ends on Saturday. (Don’t put it on your credit card – have them send us an invoice by Friday.) Make sure you put August 10 on your calendar for an all-day business planning meeting, and take the department manager meeting off your calendar for June 8. I need you to call the electric company and ask them to see if they can install lights in Room 12, add outlets to the south wall in Room 215, and look at replacing the halogen lights in the lobby. (Tell them we will never get halogen lights again.) Please order a new bin for the Lost & Found items – the current bin is not big enough. Oh, and can you go through the Room Reservation database and give me a count of the days that the room is totally free for use for the rest of the year? You’ll have to click through the system day-by-day to figure that out. Thanks! I’m going to lunch!


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