Playing Dress Up

April 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

 Girls like to play dress-up. Perhaps this desire is instilled in us from a very young age just like the idea that any girl can mary a prince… or perhaps the idea that snakes are creepy… or maybe the idea that fresh breath is socially acceptable. Parents really try to make sure that their kids understand the ways of the world. Kudos to my Mom & Dad.

I like putting an outfit together and making it my own. This concept started at a young age thanks to my parents. We always had a box of dress-up clothes to play with whenever we wanted. One year, Mom and Dad were on a particularly tight budget for Christmas, so they went to Goodwill and bought about $20-worth of clothes for us to put in our dress-up box. It was amazing!!! My sister and I played for hours with each other and our friends. A large hat immediately makes a girl feel like she is important, and nothing says, “I’m beautiful,” like a long string of fake pearls.

May I encourage you to do the same with your girls? (Or boys – I will admit that my brother played dress-up with us until he was 6 or so.) Find a thrift store in your area – preferably one that gives its profits to the needy and not the overhead – and create a dress-up box for your kids! It doesn’t need to have a lot of clothing items in it – accessories are what make the outfit!

Incidentally, I still have a dress-up box, but it’s built into the wall (and I share it with my husband). I still fill my dress-up box with thrift store finds, and I have found that a string of pearls still makes me feel beautiful. Well done, Mom & Dad. You’re so clever.

Edit – Here’s what my mom said about this picture:

“This is such a sweet memory – money was so tight, and I was so concerned about what to do . . . Dad made the box (I think . . .) and I was so excited at how much I was able to find for so inexpensive. I went on the “blue tag” day – whatever clothes had blue tags were 1/2 off! I know we had that box for a long time. Thanks for finding this picture! 🙂 (did you steal it from me?)”


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§ 2 Responses to Playing Dress Up

  • Jen W. says:

    Oh Sarah…I now follow your blog and love it. It’s like a little window into your life. I should start one as well and then we could blog-chat. Your mother is inspirational (what a fabulous idea she had back in the day…I bet she still has loads of good ideas). Kudos to her for all the cool stuff she has taught you!

  • Clever Days says:

    Jen, if you started a blog, I would be so tickled! And, I’d have to travel to visit you and do research with you for our blogs. 🙂 Brilliant!!!

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