Air Pressure and Its Changes

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

 When it rains and a low air front comes sweeping through, the fluid in many people’s joints is affected. Some people have trouble walking because their hips hurt or their knees are stiff. Some people have trouble gripping objects tightly with their fingers or extending their arms to reach for that spider they need to kill.

I am among the many who get serious sinus headaches every time the air pressure changes. A low front comes in, the heavens open and cry, and I am trying desperately to get through the day without throwing up from the pain. The next morning, my body has adjusted to the air pressure, and we’re back in business. Once the heavens are dry again, the air pressure changes, the day turns beautiful and sunny, and I am flat on my back with a migraine the size of Texas.

I call out to my fellow sufferers: let’s all move to a climate with little to no air pressure changes. I believe that place might be Honolulu. Are you with me? Let’s go.

I would like to thank the clever people at the Novartis pharmaceutical company who produce Excedrin Migraine and have made this post possible.


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