IKEA Rug I Like

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

 Had to go to IKEA today to pick up some things for the library. When my boss asked, “Will you go pick these up for me? You can take the library van and Josh can come and lift things for you,” it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Use your gas? Use your time? Bring my husband? Well, all right.

After a long wait at the customer service counter (whoops – forgot the tax exemption form), we got some food (may I recommend the Swedish Meatball platter?) and then grabbed a cart. We followed the arrows and whizzed passed beautifully pull-together room displays and strategically-placed odds and ends. We also narrowly escaped being abducted by wild children.

Then, we fell in love…

…with this rug we saw. OK, I fell in love. Josh fell in like. It was a truly beautiful sight: a bedroom display with a white metal bed frame, white & blue comforter set, white wooden bedroom furniture and curtains all pulled together by a Latin-American-style yellow, denim, and cream rug. Yummy.

Things look great in those display rooms. I still need to learn the art of finding things in the pick-up area. I’m good with the self-serve large items (because I like finding what I’m looking for with numbers and letters), but that area where you have to hunt for the rug you want about killed me. Whew. Found the rug, then off to find what we came for – the library stuff.

In hindsight, we regret that we passed on all those awesome lamps, but we had to get out of there fast so Josh could get back for a costume fitting. Costume fitting done, now to go home and position our new rug!

Josh is now also in love with our rug. Clever fellow.


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