I Desire Music

April 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

i like music, tooJosh plays the guitar & cello and dabbles on the piano & djembe. His parents saturated his childhood with music lessons, music performance, and music culture – and he ate it up. Josh has written hundreds of songs, most of which he has in a 3-ring binder. He has even used his mad guitar skills in two shows; his music is his hobby and his career. Josh lives and breathes music.

I like music, too. So, I got a ukulele.

I learned the basic chords: C, F, G7. “Row, row, row your boat…” Yeah. OK. I got it. Let’s get more creative than this – how do you do that cool strumming stuff that Iz did? (By the way, the people at Uke Hunt and Your Uke Sage have helped me a ton. Check them out!)

I ran across the chords and lyrics to “Tonight, You Belong to Me,” a 1926 song written by Billy Rose & Lee David. If you’re planning to pick up the ukulele, try learning this song. It’ll make you sound and feel very clever.


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